Paperback: 144 pages (6x9)

Language: English

ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-5434-2198-9
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A ranch girl married an alcoholic at 16 . She was thrust into big city life ,a life filled with depression and courage. What she wanted most was to be someone’s beloved wife and a stay at home Mom.


Women worked in men’s trades during WW II then returned to raising families and what was accepted as women’s work.Grace began crossing over as a girl;ranch work was gender the late 1960’s trying to support 5 children she learned how to paint houses inside and out..

The early 1970’s found her skidding logs;200 logs a day with a Pettibone Skidder...

The Making of a Con

Paperback: 152 pages (6x9)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1514413418

ISBN-13: 978-1514413418



This is not the story of an ordinary criminal but rather the story of a man caught up in a world within which he could not function; boyhood naïveté did not prepare him for a society that infl icted stark reality. Th is trueto-life story is told in his own words, with minor editorial adjustments. The first twenty chapters are told before he found out the facts surrounding his father’s death. I am sure the reader will be as intrigued as I was by the circumstances that propelled this man inexorably onto his destructive path, a man without goals and who hated prisons as much as he depended upon them.

Once in a Lifetime comes a Man

Paperback: 172 pages (6x9)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1503583856

ISBN-13: 978-1503583856

Fate was a blessing when a dream brought Lyle into my life once more. He was fortysix years old and had never married. It had been eighteen years since we'd seen each other. I was almost fortytwo with three adult children and two ready to graduate high school. It is only once in a lifetime that a person is lucky enough to have true love. I had that with Lyle, and it is only with writing this book and reading his letters that I fully realize the depth of his being and his love for me. I heard this on a news program on marriage: “It is rewarding to know someone has been a witness to your life .” I am that witness to Lyle's life. “Our song will endure through eternity.” I hope that in reading this, you will appreciate the soft heart, humor, intelligence, and love that was Lyle. The love he had for his family, animals, and creation. He was a man of integrity and fine character and a good listener. The mark of a man is how a man lives his life and my husband was that man-a good man who had a great mother and father.

An Immigrant, a Homesteader,
and Sheep

Paperback: 292 pages (6x9)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1503520692

ISBN-13: 978-1503520691

The hard work and dreams of An Immigrant, A Homesteader, And Sheep are alive in family memories even though there’s very little evidence the ranch had existed as a busy, happy place. Kids and grandkids , the bleat of several thousand sheep , the bawling of cattle , and the neigh of the horses as well as the beautiful views , the orchards , and that smell of sage ; all are in the past but my hope is that this book will record my family’s history for generations to come.

Bum Lambs

Paperback:  24 pages (8x8)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 099089133X 

ISBN-13: 978-0990891338



My Grandpa let me help him with his sheep so I learned from him, and I am grateful that he had a lot of love and patience as he taught me about sheep and Bum Lambs. When my Grandpa was a boy in Romania he had to chase a bear away from his sheep with a stick. He loved sheep and when he came to America he had his own sheep ranch, and I was lucky enough to be his granddaughter. Have Fun and enjoy …… Bum Lambs…

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